EPSM Lille Métropole

EPSM's mission is to care for mental health problems, providing regional mental health services in the Lille metropole, for prevention, diagnosis and care, for adults and children. EPSM has a broad regional, national and international network and has 10 offices in the metropole region of Lille. It also has WHO Collaborating center (WHOCC) for research and training on mental health which brings together a network to implement actions, skills and programs related to mental health policy of the WHO. Its terms of references are: e-mental health, empowerment and community mental health services.

The EPSM WHOCC is contributing to the exchange of good practices within the field of eMental Health through its involvement in 3 Interreg projects: the eMEN project (e-mental health innovation and transnational implementation platform North West Europe), the IT4ANXIETY project and the PATH project (PerinAtal menTal Health). The EPSM WHOCC is involved since 2019 as a work package leader in the IT4ANXIETY Interreg NWE project.

The EPSM WHOCC is managing the Work Package identification of the needs of users and caregivers, for the qualitative research component and the organisation of auditions of experts, with regard to its French national experience in this domain. The centre has a view to using new technologies to support the recovery. The centre also actively participates to ensure the dissemination of IT tools through its national network (national health cooperation group).

Link to the websitehttp://www.ccomssantementalelillefrance.org/

Name of the main contact: Lisa AISSAOUI

Email: lisa.aissaoui@ghtpsy-npdc.fr


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