Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel

In our psychiatric hospital we provide mandatory care for the Bielefeld district. We supply care for patients with various mental disorders, such as neuro-degenerative disorders, trauma- and stress-related disorders (PTSD, ASD), depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, etc.. Our treatment focuses on community-based as well as scientific approach. Working in interdisciplinary teams, we apply new research knowledge to our work. Our research department has an extensive wealth of experience in conducting clinical studies with a special expertise in trauma-associated disorders. Clinical studies are realized in close cooperation with the attending wards in the field.

In the project “IT4Anxiety”, we will mainly focus on developing and evaluating new tools in the treatment of PTSD. We will participate in the development and evaluation of these tools with regard to the impact and potential effectiveness for users and health care professionals. Our research expertise and close collaboration with the direct clinical care is a benefit in the projects aim.

Link to the website: http://evkb.de/kliniken-zentren/psyche-nerven/psychiatrie-und-psychotherapie/ueber-uns

Name of the main contact: Carolin Steuwe

Email: carolin.steuwe@evkb

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