Haute Ecole Libre Mosane

Haute Ecole Libre Mosane (HELMo) was born in 2008 out of the merging of Hautes Ecoles HEMES and ISELL, becoming the only college of the Catholic network in the Province of Liège. HELMo now proposes 36 very diverse training paths in economics, paramedical pedagogical, education, social and technical training, at bachelor and master levels. With 9,000 students and 900 staff members, HELMo is one of the largest “Hautes Ecoles” in French-speaking Belgium.

The Social Department (ESAS) has since built its reputation on very high standards. The Social Department had approximately 900 students and 97 staff members. Theoretical and practical training have always been mixed to help students develop their professional career by balancing their experiences against the intervention models taught. HELMo-ESAS offers three study programmes: Bachelor in social work, Bachelor in community and sport activities and Master in Social engineering and social action. The latter opens to its graduates opportunities to access jobs carrying managerial responsibilities in the social area.

The action consists of carrying out an evaluative analysis of the project on the basis of participatory and negotiated evaluation theories. This type of evaluation is mainly theorised by Fetterman. The evaluation is constructed with the partners for the definition of evaluation questions, criteria and discussion of the results.  If the framework for the evaluation is negotiated, data collection is carried out using an ethnographic method. Data is collected mainly by observing the interactions between the partners ("the work being done"), conducting interviews and analysing documents produced by the project. This type of evaluation is part of the naturalistic paradigm, as it aims to understand actions in the context in which they are carried out. The added value is to propose an evaluation based on the meaning of the project and not on the achievement of the objectives.

Subpartner linked to St-Martin Neuropsychiatric Centre.

Link to the websitehttps://www.helmo.be/

Name of the main contact: Gaetan Absil

Email: g.absil@helmo.be

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