Knowsnco is a solution of smart fragrances diffusers. We create immersive experiences for patients and for the medical staff, to improve comfort and reduce anxiety or stress. Our technology is based on "dry diffusion", that enables us to control every parameter on the diffuser, and to create a personalized program. 

We work with experts and researchers, on the influence of olfactive sense on emotion and behaviour.

We work on the protocol to measure the effect of the solution on anxiety, for people with Alzheimer's disease or Post Traumatic Stress disorder.
We provide our technology, smart fragrances diffusers to create a personalized diffusion for each part of the study.

Our perfumes are created by using an emotional scale, to reduce anxiety.

With the testing sites, we work on the organization of the study, to create data for the project.

Subpartner linked to G.A.C. group.

Link to the website :

Name of the main contact: Thibaut Beguier


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