Saint-Martin Neuropsychiatric Centre

The CNP St-Martin is a Neuro-psychiatric hospital specialised in mental health and well-being. We welcome +/- 1800 users/year with 600 staff members. Our mission is to provide a tailored high-quality therapeutic project, comprehensive and integrated, respectfully focused on patient’s well-being.

Today, CNP St-Martin totally fits in with modern psychiatry and takes up the challenge of setting up a consistent Mental Health Care system in a close network with the various healthcare workers.

HNP also actively takes part to the continuity of care through assisted housing programmes (IHP), psychiatric care houses (especially St-Martin MSP), Mental Health workers, care homes, etc.

 CNP St-Martin is made up of 9 psychiatric care wards specialized in

  • neuro-behavioural and neurocognitive disorders,
  • mood and anxiety disorders, eating problems for young adults,
  • social phobia, school phobia, high potential, computer addictions, cyber-bullying, eating disorders, depression, anxiety for teenagers,
  • forensic psychiatry,
  • care for patients with mental retardation and mental health problems, addictions treatment and general psychiatry psychogeriatrics, gerontopsychiatry and other combinations of psychiatric, neurological and somatic disorders

CNP St-Martin is actively involved in numerous Mental Health-related projects, locally, nationally and internationally. We have a large experience in EU projects (Erasmus+ and Interreg) which means we are active in an extensive EU network of mental health stakeholders with whom we collaborate.

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Name of the main contact: Vinciane de Moffarts

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