Sentimentics is a research company focussed on modelling human expressions and states using visual, auditory and textual input. The models can classify expressions and states that are highly dynamic, such as emotions and sentiment, and that are more persistent, such as mood, clinical states and personality traits. Sentimentics is currently focussing on conducting research with these instruments to test their usefulness, validity, and limitations in different domains.

Sentimentics uses visual, auditory and textual modalities for modelling human expressions and states, based on the assumption that each modality can contribute to explaining the target variable at hand. In the case of IT4Anxiety, one can think of modelling clinical anxiety, clinical depression, stress, or mood. By carefully designing experiments where participants react, or answer questions, that invoke relevant information, we will investigate the extent to which models can use their responses to correctly classify the participants’ states and expressions.

Sentimentics is a sub-partner of VU University Amsterdam, which is partner in the IT4Anxiety project. In collaboration with VU University Amsterdam together we will design and conduct experiments; and embed the classification models in architectures that were developed in previous EU research projects, such as E-COMPARED and ICT4Depression.

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