Ulster University

With a progressive approach to teaching, dedication to pushing research boundaries and a strong commitment to economic development, UU is a responsive, dynamic vibrant centre of learning. As a regional university, Ulster is uniquely placed to engage with communities, with local leaders and with imaginative partners who share ambitions for Northern Ireland and its young people. Ulster’s reach extends beyond the immediate locality having forged strong alliances with a wide range of partners.

Ulster team leads WP2 Technical piloting and validation, we have the experience and the technical background to manage the IT4Anxiety validation committee, which decides which start-ups can join the project, and co-leads the IT4Anxiety ethics committee, which oversights ethics applications before these are submitted to the testing organisation/institution. We serve as the point of contact for start-ups, check on their progress towards testing, and oversight the design of their testing protocols (MAST Framework).

Link to the website: https://www.ulster.ac.uk/

Name of the main contact: Professor Joan Condell

Email: j.condell@ulster.ac.uk

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