Partner Spotlight: Noord-Holland Noord (Lead Partner)

Regional Development Agency Noord-Holland North (NHN) is the Lead Partner and Programme Manager of the Low Carbon Off-Grid project.

Reasons to participate in the LOGiC project

Wind, solar, geothermal and hydrogen - the region North of Amsterdam is developing into the premier center for new technology and business in the field of sustainable energy. In this way, the region is making a significant contribution to solving the global challenges, and its ambition is to continue to develop this strength. That is one of the main reason to step in the LOGiC project. The regional Development Agency NHN considers collaboration in energy innovations in an European consortium as a good opportunity to share and develop knowledge in the Region North of Amsterdam. Especially the combination of different energy generators in one system on this scale has not been shown before in North-West Europe. The project fits perfectly with the ambitions of the Region North of Amsterdam, NHN, to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition and to be the frontrunner.

The second reason to take the lead in this project is that one of the three remote focus areas in the project is the Island of Texel, which is a part of the region North of Amsterdam. In this pilot one of the Dutch water boards is in the lead. Another Dutch partner, Tocardo, is responsible for the project design, development, installation and operation of the pilot in Orkney based on the renewable energy source tidal energy. The three areas will act as pilot locations and real-life testing grounds for the new hybrid energy systems.

Invitation to join the Community of Practice

As an integral part of the project and as an objective for the work package pilot implementation, NHN will launch a ‘Community of Practice’ to collect feedback from all stakeholders and share best practices on decentralised renewable hybrid energy systems (DHES), which in turn will be included in the final model developed. The critical factor in successful DHES deployment will be community and stakeholder involvement. This work package, in close collaboration with the communication WP, will therefore establish a platform in each of the pilot regions. Together with the partners we will build a transnational learning community (Community of Practice or CoP) on DHES.

The CoP is open to follower regions and communities who can participate at their own costs. Particularly also policy makers are invited to participate in the CoP. Collaboration will be sought with existing communities. If you want to take part please contact NHN.

For both work packages, it is key to focus on good planning and proper and timely execution of tasks. Working in the field of business development, NHN is used to having to translate between public and private partners.

For further information please contact Daniel Banis


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