Camera monitoring at pilot farms

With the new flocks that started at our pilot farms, we are using our camera technology from WP1 to follow up nighttime hen activity automatically. As such, we can say something about PRM infestation levels as hen activity during the night can be related to PRM infestation severity.

At The Experimental Poultry Centre in Geel (Belgium), we were able to install a more extensive camera system. There, we record every little bit of an aviary system in a semi-commercial environment to follow up how hens behave on the several locations in a compartment. After all, PRM infestations are known to appear at specific spots on a farm. Therefore, it is important to verify its implications on hen acitivity: are only the hens in the neighbourhood of theses PRM spots being active or are more hens affected by it?

Say cheese!

Top view !  Credit photo : KU Leuven

Side view ! Credit photo : KU Leuven

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