First Energiesprong refurbishment with an architectural office as general contractor

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the housing association am Vorgebirgspark eG 2020 decided to set an example against climate change with an Energiesprong renovation in Cologne-Zollstock.

The Cologne cooperative, founded in 1920, has a total of 863 residential units in 103 houses in the districts of Klettenberg, Lindenthal, Mülheim, Müngersdorf, Sülz and Zollstock. The apartment building at Schwalbacher Strasse 24/26 is the first energy-efficient refurbishment in the Rhineland in which the innovative refurbishment process is used.

After the originally intended total solution provider withdrew from the project, Zeller Kölmel Architekten took on the role of general contractor. The Cologne architectural office, which specializes in social, sustainable and ecological building, is a partner for the WGaV with whom the company has been working together in a spirit of trust for years. In the immediate vicinity of the Energiesprong project, they are jointly realizing the future living project - a quarter in which serial new construction and serial renovation are to be combined.

The aim of the Energiesprong renovation, which started in March 2022, is to bring the four-storey apartment building, built in 1962, from a poor energy efficiency standard to the climate-neutral NetZero standard quickly and cost-effectively. After the modernization, the 992 m² building should generate as much renewable energy over the year as the residents need for heating, hot water and electricity. This standard is achieved through serial renovation with prefabricated facade and roof elements as well as sustainable heating technology and power generation.

The total costs of the energetic modernization amount to 1.9 million euros, of which 876,000 euros are funded by the federal government's BEG program and 235,000 euros by the EU's Interreg program.

The 16 tenants can remain in their apartments during the entire construction period. The renovation measures are expected to be completed by the end of September 2022. Due to the good experiences with the pilot project, the housing association am Vorgebirgspark eG wants to energetically renovate fifty more residential units according to the Energiesprong principle.

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This link takes you to the German website where the Energiesprong DE team provides more detailed information about this project. The original language is therefore German, but with a little help of Google translate, you can of course read it in your own language. Or maybe you'd like to practice your German.

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