Newsletter May – Endings and new beginnings

My, oh my, what a busy time! It’s important to keep up the pace though because we still have such a huge challenge ahead of us. Developments in the world follow one after the other in rapid succession. The climate crisis is becoming increasingly crucial. The need to take action is being increasingly felt. The idea that things have to change is being increasingly confirmed. This is lucky for us because this is what we at Energiesprong, as a movement, stand for and work tirelessly on: taking those necessary steps together towards a future-proof world.

“Building for tomorrow, free of the compromise of the day, because we all share the same home”. This has been our core message since forever and remains our ultimate goal. If you’ve not already done so, please come join us and be part of our amazing movement.

In this newsletter you can read about all the different kinds of projects we are currently working on in order to achieve our ultimate goal. Some of them might even be award-winning (exciting!), some are in the beginning stages, and some are just coming to an end. Such as our MustBe0 project which has focused on applying the Energiesprong approach to high rise buildings for the past 4 years.

Many thanks to the Interreg NWE programme for making this possible. And also, a huge thank you to all our project partners for the many lessons learned and all the knowledge shared. Thanks to all of you for the trust you have shown us. However, it doesn’t stop here. The results will be transferred to subsequent projects. More about that below! 

Happy reading!

Team Energiesprong Global Alliance

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