VBW renovated Bochum’s Mörikestrasse according to the Energiesprong approach

In July 2021, VBW renovated a residential complex in Bochum's Mörikestraße according to the Energiesprong principle. The tenants were able to stay in their apartments during the modernization.

With 13,000 apartments, VBW Bauen und Wohnen GmbH is the largest provider of apartments in Bochum. Since 2018, the municipal housing company has been working intensively on reducing the CO2 emissions of its portfolio. In July 2021, the energetic modernization of 32 apartments at Mörikestraße 8-14 started according to the Energiesprong principle. With 2,368 m² of living space, the multi-family house complex built in 1968 is the largest pilot project to date and the first to be renovated while inhabited.

Partners in the Energiesprong renovation, which was completed in April 2022, were B&O Bau NRW and Stadtwerke Bochum. The zero standard was achieved with 105 highly insulated, prefabricated façade elements in wooden panel construction and a new insulated flat roof, which is fully equipped with photovoltaic modules.

The apartments received a multifunctional unit for heat supply, hot water preparation and controlled living space ventilation. In the bathroom, kitchen and hallway, the used air is extracted and routed to the outside via air ducts. Fresh air is supplied to the device in the same way, where the air is heated to room temperature by heat pumps and distributed evenly in the living and sleeping areas. The former loggias were added to the living space and replaced by new balconies. The larger apartments and 8 m² balconies are well received by the tenants.

The investment volume was EUR 4.5 million. Tenants are expected to save around half of their previous heating costs in the future. For electricity from the roof, you can conclude a rental electricity contract with Stadtwerke Bochum. After the energetic refurbishment, the CO2 emissions of the residential complex in Bochum's Mörikestraße have been reduced by 92 tons per year.

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This link takes you to the German website where the Energiesprong DE team provides more detailed information about this project. The original language is therefore German, but with a little help of Google translate, you can of course read it in your own language. Or maybe you'd like to practice your German.

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