Marine Energy Alliance - End of Project

The Marine Energy Alliance project has nearly reached its finish line after four years of activity. During this time, small-to-medium enterprises benefited from the project partner's best practices and expertise in developing their technologies. Many were able to significantly advance their technology, as well as work on their commercial strategy and worldwide recognition in the marine energy sector. Moreover, thanks to MEA's participation in multiple external events dedicated to marine energy and the offshore energy sector, partners and MEA SMEs were able to meet, share knowledge and expertise, thus bringing their technological and commercial development to the next level. This is the MEA project at a glance, featuring some highlights during these years.


Here are some of the opinions shared by SMEs who were supported by the MEA project: 

Centipod: Centipod Ltd has been fortunate to have received support from the Marine Energy Alliance. Guidance from our interaction with MEA has been instrumental in our process of technology development. (Alan McCall)

GKinetic Energy: MEA provides the opportunity to gain extra research resources that focus on specific KPIs. MEA is a valuable resource for technology developers. (Vincent Mc Cormack)

Teamwork Technology: MEA was a good sparring partner, as they could refer to other projects and common practise and add their professional background to our calculations, the "MEA approved"  gives us the extra that helps to push our technology forward.  (Fred Gardner)

EVER: The MEA program has given our company the great opportunity to reach out to European experts, institutions and other actors from the marine renewable energy ecosystem. These contacts gave us some very precious feedback, and has also helped us to build fruitful collaborations. (Alexander Elefant)

Ingine Wave Systems: We have received technical and commercial assessment from MEA with great thanks. We have learned a lot of insights and strategic points from the service to further develop our technology in our next step and really appreciate MEA assistance all the way. Hope we can be in the loop of this alliance further. (Jeff Lee)

Tidal Flyer: Our involvement with MEA allowed us to access the expertise of companies and organisations who are at the forefront of the ocean energy sector.  By being able to invest our time with the consortium partners, it allowed us to develop our own thinking outside the confines of a normal consultant/client relationship, mainly because the timescale was of sufficient duration to allow the relationships to develop.  And it allowed all this in the most beneficial way to the participant companies as the services were paid for by the Interreg North-West Europe programme.


We would like to thank all partners, SMEs and the financial support of the Interreg North West Europe for making this project a great success. Via MEA, selected marine energy technology companies were are able to receive a suite of tailored expert services that  enabled them to realise their ambitions and, more broadly, contribute to the coherent growth of the marine energy industry in general.

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