Tidal Developer HydroWing Ltd Recruiting Electrical Engineer

Cornish based tidal energy developer, HydroWing Ltd, are seeking an experienced electrical engineer to lead their growing electrical and control team.

The immediate responsibility of the position will be to help drive design, delivery and testing of the patented Turbine Control Hub which enables all control and power electronics components for multiple turbines to be centralised into an easily accessible location for low-cost fast response offshore maintenance.


The role will be positioned in HydroWing’s head office in Falmouth, Cornwall and is part funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Interested persons can apply for the role through LinkedIn here.

Richard Parkinson – ‘The position forms a key part of our future development, helping to implement our first demonstration followed by a pipeline of larger projects across Europe and the globe in the coming years.’


The HydroWing is a novel tidal energy device which has been designed to enable low-cost installation and maintenance. The device sees multiple tidal turbines mounted on wing structures which themselves are retrievable from a seabed mounted gravity base structure - https://hydrowing.tech/



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