Why You Should Apply for MEA Support?

Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) has issued guidelines for those considering applying for MEA support.

Developers of early stage (TRL 3/4) marine energy technology concepts, make sure to continue reading.

MEA project has a total budget of €6 million and is financially supported by Interreg North West Europe, who provides €3.6 million of ERDF funding.

So what’s in it for you? Here are some reasons to consider applying for MEA support (deadline is February 14, 2020).

Commercial and technical services

Being supported by MEA means that you will receive technical and commercial services funded by North West Europe and the MEA partners. The subsidized project is there to help upgrade your technology to the next level. Why not seize this opportunity?

Service offering

What kind of services are we talking about? Well, technical services include: low TRL test planning and result interpretation, low TRL technology development and verification plan, numerical simulation and validation, technical design optimisation, cost-of-system assessment and regulatory feasibility assessment.

For commercial services you can think of: Unique Selling Point (USP) definition, business case development, commercial strategy development, launching customer segment identification and investment & funding strategy development.


Being part of MEA means access to a lot of expertise. Not only of MEA partners within NW Europe but also through their networks. Why not leverage their knowledge for your own technology. How often can you apply for free services from EMEC, MaREI, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Exceedence Limited, INNOSEA SAS, MARIN and/or the University of Edinburgh?

Free publicity

The support of MEA goes beyond technical and commercial services. It also gives you lots of free publicity.

Navingo BV, publisher of MarineEnergy.biz and organizer of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, is communication partner in MEA and can help you reaching a larger audience and promoting your innovations.

On top of that MEA will have presence at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, Europe’s leading gathering for the entire offshore energy industry. There your technology will be showcased to the existing offshore energy supply chain and other important stakeholders.

Meet new stakeholders

MEA, its partners and (associated) partners have a large network that will open new doors. It is the gateway to new investors, governments and other companies in the offshore energy industry.

Longterm support

The support of MEA extends beyond the delivery of free services and will ensure alignment with other initiatives to optimize synergies.

The development of an ME Investment Portfolio blueprint will highlight the potential of your technology, combine available financial mechanisms to mobilize public and private funding, and attract investors by spreading the investment risks across participating concepts.

Want to learn more? Visit MEA or subscribe for our live webinar on Tuesday 28 January 2020.


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