Webinar - workshop: Barriers and obstacles at a legal/organizational level in the valorization of Past Metallurgical Sites and Deposits.


16 May 2023

When : 16 May 2023, 13 – 15h

Organized by : OVAM - Interreg NWE-REGENERATIS

Interested? Mail to eddy.wille@ovam.be


According to the JRC (2013), metallurgical industry represents 13 % of the 2.5 million Potential Contaminated Sites (PCS) in the EU. Consequently, a significant amount of their produced waste was deposited on site/landfills (37.2% of all PCS). REGENERATIS aims to transform this problem into an opportunity, as large volumes of resources (metals, materials & land) from Past Metallurgical Sites and Deposits (PMSD) can be recovered. In order to implement this vision, REGENERATIS tackles the sectoral and contextual barriers.

In order to be successful in the long run, the rehabilitation of PMSD should be supported by  organizational and legal instruments. During this webinar, REGENERATIS will share and discuss their findings on the 4 main thematics :

  • Identification of legal barriers
  • solutions/recommendations to overcome those barriers and for the implementation of resource recovery driven projects
  • Public-Private-People Partnerships (PPPP)
  • implementation guidance

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