Innovative Network MoU


In the collaborative work undertaken within Ocean DEMO as well as FORESEA, demonstration projects funded by Interreg NWE, the partners have created an innovative network blueprint. Combining efforts to harness our shared goals within the ocean energy sector; supporting active testing of ocean energy converters and enabling technology, providing data to support further investment and demonstration.

The work undertaken recognizes that there is still much to do to make ocean energy a viable and commercial reality for all and to work towards our Net Zero target. There are many networks that have come to exist as a result of the R&D within the sector. There are still many lessons to share and risks to highlight to navigate towards commercialisation of OE.

Network MoU

As a result, Ocean DEMO will be creating a Network Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The purpose of which, is to create tighter links with existing networks to collaborate and support the promotion and development of innovative Ocean Energy businesses. We will be doing this by creating joint activities to address and support the sector requirements and progress.      

Ocean Energy needs us to continue to focus and combine efforts towards the Commercialisation of the sector.

We invite you to register your interest and let us know if there are areas / topics you would like to highlight for possible workshops or webinars.  

To find out more about Ocean DEMO’s Network MoU and how you can get involved in joint activities we are planning in the months ahead please email

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to continue to collaborate with you towards a low carbon future.

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