OPIN Collaborative Innovation Group Scoping Meeting - Corrosion: Impacts and Solutions

Online - 1.00 to 2.30 PM BST / 2.00 to 3.30 PM CEST

11 June 2020

Under the Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs), the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) offers support to SMEs to work collaboratively with other organisations, to solve problems which are barriers to the deployment of ocean energy. CIGs focus on challenges which cannot or have not been solved by one SME alone. Participation in a CIG is free of charge for eligible OPIN Members. For more details please have a look at our webpage. 

The OPIN Team wants to develop a Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG) to create awareness on the impact of corrosion on offshore renewable projects and how to deal with it. Examples of questions that could be addressed under this CIG include:  

  • How can we reduce the cost and impact related to corrosion of devices deployed in harsh environments? 
  • How to deal with corrosion in the design stage? 
  • How can we apply a corrosion inspection system for a fleet of assets?  

Collaborative projects can result in different outcomes. We can for example work on providing insight on impact of corrosion on LCoE, improving understanding of corrosion protection measures or methodologies for corrosion monitoring and inspection.  

The CIG topic and outcomes will be adapted to the needs of the OPIN Members, thus we would like to organise an online meeting to discuss your needs and interestsThe online meeting will start with a short overview of corrosion-related subjects and potential outputs of the project, followed by a discussion to define your needs. 

The meeting will take place on Thursday 11th June, from 13:00 to 14:30 BST (14:00 to 15:30 CET). 


If you want to participate, please register at the following Eventbrite link and answer a few questions that will provide useful information to the organisation team. This event is open to OPIN Members. If your organisation is not listed here, please fill out the following Membership Form. OPIN registration is quick, free and gives access to an international network of more than 200 members and activities dedicated to offshore renewable energy. 

If you would like to attend the event but you are not available on June 11th, please send an expression of interest to OPIN@seai.ie addressing the following questions: 

  • Why are you interested in a Collaborative Innovation Group about corrosion: a) You have a corrosion-related challenge you would like to address ("problem owner"), b) You can provide a solution to corrosion-related challenges ("solution provider")
  • What corrosion-related topic(s) would you like to be addressed through an OPIN Collaborative Innovation Group: a) Corrosion at design stage, b) Corrosion inspection/monitoring, c) Cost and impact of corrosion d) Other
  • What expertise/knowledge could you/your organisation bring to this OPIN Collaborative Innovation Group?
  • What output would you like to develop though a Collaborative Innovation Group on corrosion?

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