ECSM’2019 is coming up

The ECSM’2019 is jointly organized by University of Liège and the Interreg North West Europe Project Phos4You.

The main scope of the Conference is to provide a scientific program of cutting-edge research in wastewater sludge management. It will bring together international experts of sludge management, scientists, researchers and engineers, R&D laboratories, water agencies, governmental delegates, and private companies to discuss the problems, solutions, and innovative technologies and systems for the sludge management of water and wastewater treatment field.

The following topics are expected:

  • Legal, social and economic aspects of sludge management
  • Sludge characterization
  • Sludge minimization
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Sludge drying
  • Odors problem and treatment in sludge processing
  • Innovative sludge treatment technologies
  • Nutrient recovery : phosphorus, nitrogen, agriculture application
  • Energy recovery: digestion, gasification, pyrolysis, incineration, …
  • Life cycle assessment of sludge management Options



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