Joint Secretariat visits Phos4You

Matthew Thompson, project officer at the Joint Secretariat INTERREG Northwest Europe in Lille/FR, took the chance to visit the Phos4You project on 30th January 2019. The team of the Lead Partner Lippeverband spent an inspiring morning with him to discuss the project's achievements and further perspective.

Highlight of the day was the visit to one of the project's pilot plants for Phosphorus recovery from waste water: The Emschergenossenschaft, water board and project partner in Phos4You, constructs a demonstrator of the EuPhoRe® process at the waste water treatment plant Emschermündung in Dinslaken/DE. Dr. Daniel Klein from Emschergenossenschaft and Frank Zepke from EuPhoRe GmbH explained the pilot plant that is just about to start operating. Once running, it will recover Phosphorus from sewage sludge being suitable as P fertilizer.

From left to right:

Anke Althoff and Marie-Edith Ploteau, both Lippeverband; Matthew Thompson, Joint Secretariat Interreg NWE; Frank Zepke, EuPhoRe GmbH; Daniel Klein and Niklas Drießen, both  Emschergenossenschaft 

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