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Phos4You demonstrates about 7 different technologies for P-recovery from waste water. The technology processes are set up at the partner’s locations, partly at urban waste water treatment plants, partly at rural locations depending on the territorial context. For each technology a short video is made to show challenges and implementation of different solutions. Two new videos were shared during the 9th Working Group meeting of Phos4You 28.-29. October 2020, having about 45 participants working digitally together for 2 days.

Phos4You demonstrates innovative technologies to recover P from waste water, showcases the use of recycled P (e.g. fertiliser) and fosters P recycling in the partner regions and beyond. The video shows different technologies and solutions for urban and rural Areas.


In remote areas, phosphorus-containing waste water can be responsible for the eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems. Here, phosphorus removal and recycling must be affordable and simple to manage. The video shows P recovery with the use of microalgae and innovative adsorbents.


See all videos on this webpage: Click on button "back to project page" and select the tab PHOS4YOU VIDEOS.

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