Phos4You final conference took place successfully

Phos4You final conference presentations online available now

About 200 stakeholders took part in the hybrid event on 22 and 23 September.

Prof. Uli Paetzel, in his role as Lead Partner as well as president of the German Water Association, opened the Phos4You final conference on 22 September. For two days, European experts discussed strategies for recovering the finite resource phosphorus from wastewater, sewage sludge and sewage sludge ashes.

The conference marked the conclusion of the 5-year Phos4You project. After a long period of almost exclusively digital meetings, the event took place as a hybrid meeting: In conformity with Corona, 60 participants were able to meet in Essen in the Ruhrturm - in parallel, the conference was streamed online, so that discussions could be performed with 200 participants across Europe.

Please find the conference materials published: First click on "back to project page"; then you can find the held presentations and some impressions under the tab "Final Conference Essen '21" as well as the presented posters and the published Phos4You Technical Report under the tab "documents".

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