Soestdijk Palace

Baarn, Amsterdamsestraatweg

12 August 2020 - 30 August 2020

Soestdijk Palace in Baarn (the Netherlands) is the new test location for the GEM Tower from August 12 to August 30. GEM-Tower is set up in the front garden of the Palace.
The garden of the Palace is open to visitors every Wednesday and Friday between 11 am and 5 pm. Access to the park is possible with a timeslot ticket. An illuminated GEM Tower can be admired from the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Baarn in the evening.

Anne Schaepman, Deputy Director of Soestdijk Palace 'Made by Holland': “We are very pleased with the choice of the Soestdijk Palace estate as a test location for the GEM Tower. After all, our ambition is to provide a stage and platform at Soestdijk Palace in the future for Dutch solutions to global problems in the areas of water, health, food and sustainable energy. This striking and innovative tower therefore fits in perfectly with our "Made by Holland" plan".

“In order to further optimize the generation of sustainable energy from the sun and wind and to develop new applications, the GEM tower must be tested at various locations,” says Faas Moonen, project manager of the PowerVIBES GEM Tower. “Because there are no festivals this year, Soestdijk Palace offers an excellent opportunity to gain experience, gather test results and receive feedback from visitors. This is essential to be well prepared next year when the GEM Tower picks up its tour of major European festivals. The theme Made by Holland ties in very well with the GEM Tower because the large tower as an eye-catcher at festivals conveys the innovative capacity of the Netherlands”.

 Photo by Bart van Overbeeke

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