The GEM-tower (Green Energy Mill) is a hybrid, foldout, eye-catching tower that provides green energy. The 21- meter tall tower has a diameter of 10 meters at the base. The tower generates its energy through solar panels, LSC panels, and a wind turbine located at the top. The energy is stored in the battery, which is located at the base of the tower. In 2021, a hydrogen system will be applied in the tower as well. Since the summer of 2019, the GEM-tower has been placed at many different European festivals and events to run tests. The GEM-tower project will run until the end of 2021.

GEM-tower specs:

  • Height: 21 m;
  • Wind turbine: Darrieus–Savonius Vertical Axis, 3 kW;
  • Battery: 25 VRLA cells, net useable capacity 45 kWh;
  • PV panels: 36 Semi Flexible, PERC cells, 4 kW;
  • Base diameter: 10 m;
  • Maximum power output 30 kVA / 24

 GEM-tower fun facts:

  • More than 3.500 kg of steel has been used to build the GEM-tower;
  • There are over 300 hinges in the tower;
  • 542 bolts and nuts are required;
  • The 700 kg vertical wind turbine is placed at a height of 18 meters;
  • 20m² of coloured solar panels (LSC panels) is incorporated in the tower;
  • The tower does not have to be anchored;
  • 7 m³ of concrete has been used as a counterweight as well as the weight of the battery;
  • An estimated 100 people contributed to the realization of the first GEM-tower;
  • The 45 kWh GEM-tower battery can charge an iPhone up to 3.500 times – that’s 9,5 years worth of charging the phone on a daily

Video ‘GEM-tower | How it works’

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