What happened at ESNS in Groningen

Since Pukkelpop in Hasselt and Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the GEM tower had undergone many constructional improvements before arriving in Groningen for the ESNS festival. 

Awareness is very important to solve the energy issue in the future.

We were very happy to see many people visiting the GEM tower, reading the information panels and showing interest and being curious about what GEM tower is all about.
The looks of GEM tower impressed everyone that visited us, especially in the evening when the tower was highlighted from below.

The seminar ‘Evolution of GEM’ took place on Thursday 16 January at the EPIC conference in Oosterpoort. A big difference from last year’s seminar was that the room was packed with people. The program was moderated by Jan Douwe Kroeske, interviewing the TU/e team on GEM’s constructional and design evolution, Pieter Smit on transporting GEM, RPS partner Rob Scully and Oerol festival organizer Ward Erhart on the potential meaning of GEM at festivals. The questions and answers between panel and audience made GEM come alive.

Compliments were given on the design and construction of the GEM tower: from a meter high scale model in January 2019 into 21 meter high GEM in January 2020 with great looks. What a performance!

Photo credits: Jorn Baars

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