A study evening on ‘Storage innovations’ by QCAP partners

On Thursday 28 March, VCBT together with MeBioS and KU Leuven held a study evening on the topic of storage innovations. In particular, they paid attention to the desired results of the QCAP project and which possibilities may open up to farmers as a result of the new sensor technology. The event was held in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. Attendees included fruit growers and grower organisations that represented installers of storage technology.

Frans Harren, the coordinator of the QCAP project, held a presentation in which he explained the principles and the potential of the developed gas sensor. Afterwards, Pieter Verboven of MeBioS gave an overview of the numerous commercial techniques that were used to make it possible to dynamically control atmospheric preservation. Until now, these techniques were based on measuring a single signal. The QCAP multi-gas sensor will open a new dimension of possibilities to this technique. Then, Eugene Rokx of Storex delved deeper into the technical conditions that storage rooms must adhere to before they can successfully implement this innovative storage technique.

Afterwards, the first lines of contact were established for creating new implementations for growers. Brainstorm sessions were also held to imagine further steps of the development of the multi-gas sensor and to establish new research projects. Overall, this was a very interesting study evening which maintained a good balance between directly usable and practical information for growers with a look at a new generation of storage methods.

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