First ideas for QCAP follow-up project at ÉPRISE roadshow

The QCAP monitoring system contains state-of-the-art sensor technology. By sending a laser light through an atmosphere sample and detecting the light output on the other side, it can determine traces of gases in complex gas mixtures. It will be used to investigate the health status of fruit and vegetables during storage. QCAP programme leader Frans Harren presented this system in Amsterdam at the two-day research and technology event ÉPRISE roadshow.

ÉPRISE stands for ‘Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe’. It brings together researchers and companies in photonics, technology based on the detection of light.  As this roadshow was completely dedicated to applications in Agriculture and Food. It was an excellent opportunity to present the opportunities created by the QCAP project. Frans Harren: “We met several representatives from companies and agricultural research institutes, who would like to co-invest in such a sensor.”

At the event, Frans Harren also planted the first seeds for a follow-up project. Frans Harren: “This INTERREG project has brought the sensor to TRL6 and has demonstrated that it can operate satisfactorily in realistic environments. To develop a commercial system, further investment is needed. This, we want to realize in a H2020 ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ project, together with the companies connected to QCAP and other industry.” The QCAP project ends June 2020; it expects to have follow-up funding available by that time.

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