From sensor to monitoring system

The QCAP consortium will develop a high tech gas detector and will validate it in a complete monitoring system.

Low-cost sensor prototype
The project aims for a gas sensor that is able to detect eight chemical compounds simultaneously. Therefore, a new laser is required, with a broad spectrum and a very high intensity. Moreover, the light pathway and the detection method and the will be optimized. The goal is to make a very selective, but also an affordable detector system.

Selection optimal storage conditions
Which gases are produced by which products? And how do they represent the product quality? This is essential information to be able to convert the sensor data into useful information about the quality of the products. The project will map the gas release in potatoes, apples, blueberries, and pears during multiple degradation processes.

System integration and validation
In the end, the sensor will be connected to a computer-controlled monitoring system, producing easy-to-use information about the fruit quality. The farmers will receive will receive notifications describing the quality as excellent, good or less good. On the basis of that information, they can decide whether they need to sell the product or adjust the storage atmosphere. The QCAP project will develop this complete monitoring system and will test it in real-life storage systems.

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