MAX FRESH project brings QCAP monitoring system to the market

QCAP partners Storex, NKT and Radboud University join forces with Senseair in a new ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ project called MAX-FRESH. The monitoring system meets all requirements for an FTI programme: it is beyond state-of-the-art innovation with considerable socio-economic value and a strong business case. That is why the new project have been granted 2.2 million euros by the European Commission to prepare the QCAP monitoring system for market launch.

The QCAP project resulted in a unique ISS-Monitor: world’s first automated multi-species trace gas sensor that can simultaneously and in real-time detect low levels of 7 volatile gases that indicate ripening, fermentation, damage or rotting of stored fruit. Once unfavorable conditions are detected, the ISS-Monitor will provide automated alerts to enable timely and effective interventions by its customers. Once on the market, this ISS-Monitor has the potential to reduce losses of stored fresh food by 50%, extend storage life with 20%, and reduce post-harvest chemical treatments with 50%.

During the MAX-FRESH project, the final steps required to actually launch the ISS-Monitor on the market will be taken. The MAX-FRESH project will be performed by a complementary consortium of 3 market-leading industrial partners, Storex, Senseair , NKT and 1 academic partner, Radboud University, combining cutting-edge technologies with unique expertise. After completing the MAX-FRESH project in 2023, the ISS-Monitor will make an impact on the global food production system by contributing to sustainable food production for the ever-growing world population.

QCAP project leader Frans Harren: “Cooperation between knowledge institutes, high-tech companies and agricultural organizations is essential for the development of such a monitoring system. In the QCAP project we coordinated this collaboration from Radboud University, but closer to the end goal we think it’s better that a commercial party will pull the cart. That is why Storex is now taking over. They have connections with the market and I am confident that they can successfully introduce the system in the sector.”

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