Meet Eugène Rokx, Area Export Manager at Storex

What is your expertise?

 “Storex is specialist in controlled atmosphere (CA), a technology successfully applied to extend storage and improve shelf life of fruits and vegetables. We manufacture nitrogen-generators, CO2-scrubbers, O2/CO2-analysers, CA climate control systems and supply additional CA-equipment like valves, breather-bags, etcetera. These products are available worldwide. Storex is the market-leader in CA-innovations with inventions like ethanol-measurement for DCA-storage, VSA-technology for nitrogen gas production and double vessel CO2-scrubbers.”

Why do you participate in the QCAP project?

 “To provide the best CA-technology, Storex always invested in research, development, and the implementation of these innovations. Therefore, we consider ourselves as a perfect match to evaluate and validate the applied technology in the QCAP-project.”

What is your most important challenge in this project?

“The laser technology to measure gas compositions and concentrations is already successfully applied in the medical sector and especially on laboratory level. The challenge for QCAP is to develop a system which provides us detailed information about the quality of fruits stored under specific conditions. This system should be easy to install in existing storage facilities, easy to maintain and to operate under harsh conditions and the user interface should provide the operator clear and uncomplicated information about the status of the product.”

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