Meet Lucy Hooper, Optical Team Leader at NKT Photonics

What is your expertise?

"NKT Photonics is the world’s leading supplier of supercontinuum fibre lasers. The Mid-IR supercontinuum product line has been in development for a number of years, and was released onto the market in 2017. I lead the Mid IR laser product development in the UK, designing next generation Mid-IR lasers."

Why do you participate in the QCAP project?

"Gas spectroscopy is a major application area for our Mid IR supercontinuum lasers, so participating in this project is opening up our awareness of industries where our technology could be useful and is also providing us with the feedback required to optimize the laser design to better suit this application."

What is your most important challenge in this project?

"Working closely with the team at Radboud University to understand the requirements of the laser to ensure the most accurate possible detection once the laser is integrated into the monitoring system. The laser must output high intensity light over the correct wavelength range in order to cover the absorption bands of several key gas phase species."

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