Meet Sacco te Lintel Hekkert, Director of Sensor Sense

What is your expertise?
Sensor Sense develops highly sensitive, laserbased trace gas detectors. Our main product is the ETD-300 ethylene detector, which is the fastest, most sensitive and selective ethylene detector available on the market. We also make peripherals, which make the measurements simpler and more reliable. The ETD-300 is used in research laboratories all over the world.

Why do you participate in the QCAP project?
Sensor Sense is always looking for new techniquesand new markets. The QCAP detector will become one of the first laser-based trace gas detectors capable of measuring a wide range of gases. This also has potential in other sectors such as detection of explosives or medical applications.

What is your most important challenge in this project?
There are three major challenges: firstly, analysing the measured spectra, which will undoubtedly involve interference from other gases. Secondly, making the final set-up manageable, both in terms of format and user interface. Lastly, keeping the selling price low enough to ensure the proposition is attractive to the market.

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