NKT Photonics delivers redesign of SuperK MIR laser to Radboud University

The prototype of the new SuperK MIR laser, used in the fi rst designs of the QCAP gas detector, has been improved. During the Summer, NKT Photonics has supplied Radboud University with three units of the updated laser system.

This new version of the SuperK MIR features numerous improvements over the prototype unit that Radboud University was using since 2017. Due to improvements in the optical architecture, the SuperK MIR creates five times
more output power within the wavelength range of interest, promising an even better resolution for the QCAP gas detector. A redesign of the internal electronics has also increased the reliability of the laser.

NKT Photonics is currently undertaking further work to improve the stability of the output and reduce the build costs of each unit. Recent tests involving optimisation of fibre lengths have already yielded cost reductions for future SuperK MIR units.

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