QCAP sensor prototype put to the test to measure potato volatiles

The first prototype safely arrived at Cranfield University end 2019. After a small problem trying to fit it into the elevator, “Team Cranfield” is now doing some trials to verify the results obtained during the project.

 The sensor is used for measurements in two different rooms. In each room, the team has simulated bad conditions for potatoes storage, which are promoting two different undesirable defects on the crop: early sprouting in one room and fungal rots in the other. Maria and Fernando, QCAP researchers at Cranfield University, have been following the progress of the defects in both rooms. Once the test is finished, they will be able to assess whether the identified volatile biomarkers are really and accurately giving us a timely indication that can be used by storage managers to identify and manage potato storage problems.

 Cranfield University has also actively promoted the research results and showcased the great capabilities of the technology developed in the project at industrial events in the UK. One example is the CropTec Show 2020. Keep your eyes open! They will soon organise an open day for end users where they will show the technology and give insight into the capabilities of the sensor.

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