Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK

6 October 2022 - 6 October 2022

Today, October 6 2022, the previously announced Smart Housing North West event is taking place. In the morning, Andrew Hunt from RED WoLF Partner Oldham Council described the Oldham Green Deal, the strategy for decarbonizing housing that Oldham Council is working out on behalf of Greater Manchester.

RED WoLF was a key part of the presentation. Other RED WoLF partners were present: Dave Catherall and Ben Hill also from Oldham Council, plus Alexander Zaitcev and LP Giuseppe Colantuono from Leeds Beckett. An interesting discussion followed Andy's presentation with a lot of questions from the delegates (around 60 present), with the RED WoLF delegates in the room clarifying many aspects of our project to the audience, answering queries ranging from technical to future commercial opportunities.

A copy per delegate of our project's flyer was present on all conference tables.

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