Peer reviewed papers on RED WoLF published by project's staff

2022 is coming to an end and we would like to celebrate one of our achievements that, due to the applied nature of RED WoLF and the focus on Pilots, Long Term and Communication activities, sometimes goes under the radar.


So far, the project's staff has published 5 research papers on top Elsevier journals in the energy field: 

1 paper on Applied Energy (Impact Factor 11.4 at time of writing)

3 papers on Journal of cleaner Production (IF 11.1)

1 paper on Renewable Energy (IF 8.6)


Those familiar with academic peer review process understand the commitment and the expertise necessary to achieve these results. They are even more commendable considering that RED WoLF staff joined the project coming from a variety of scientific backgrounds, in some cases without previous exposure to energy research.

Merging our expertise to the point of having our publications accepted on such journals is truly a feat, like cooking a spaghetti dish from a range of ingredients that seem unrelated when untrained eyes look at them raw.

Other journal articles are in the pipeline. In particular, we will publish detailed analyses of Pilots' output (energy usage and CO2 emission), which are starting to flow to the Project server in Sligo. The publication process is expected to overrun RED WoLF's end date, due to the long revision process often necessary to publish on top journals and to the analysis itself that will go on after project's end.

It may be worth to here highlight the role that these publications also had on Project implementation. Producing these articles, focused on theory and computer simulations of the algorithm running in Pilot houses, gave us the opportunity to design case studies and improve both the algorithm and the control infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Comments of anonymous peer reviewers gave us the input to improve and test new setups.


The RED WoLF team thanks for continued support Interreg NWE  and ERDF, both acknowledged on every single article.


(the publications list updated to December 2023 is here)

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