RED WoLF Project Successfully Achieves Capitalisation Call

The RED WoLF project partners can proudly report that we have been successful with our application to the Interreg NWE 2nd capitalisation call.

As a result, the proposed Capitalisation Work Package (CWP) will start in July 2021 and aims at adapting RED WoLF's HSS (Hybrid Storage System, currently implemented in social housing) to school, academic and training buildings. Therefore, CO2 emissions from NWE educational buildings in NWE will be reduced. In addition, the Long Term (LT) perspectives of RED WoLF will be improved by extending the technical solutions to new kinds of buildings and service users.

The proposed CWP will support the roll-out and uptake of the RED WoLF's Hybrid Storage System (HSS) results towards a new economic section  (education and training) and new stakeholders being education and their building managers. According to the "Energy consumption in the UK" 2016 report from BEIS (UK Department for Business, Energy and industrial Strategy), 13% of the Energy consumption in the UK is due to the education sector. A university with tens of thousands of students can exceed a 10 million euro energy bill for power and heating and 20 millions tonnes of CO2. After housing, another major economic sector of the energy market will be addressed by RED WoLF. Extending to a segment other than social housing will also require and allow to technically evolve the proposed HSS to adapt it to buildings other than houses, making it a truly universal solution, suitable for any environment hosting people. Thus, maximising impact on this capitalisation initiative.

The partners involved in this CWP are: Leeds Beckett University (UK), Universitié de Lorraine (FR), IT Sligo (IE), Volta (BE), SOS-UK (UK) as well as two new project partners. The first, Eco:Novis located in Luxembourg and the second, Sligo Leitrim based in Ireland.

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