Report of 2nd RED WoLF Project Meeting

2nd RED WoLF Project Meeting

Wednesday 18 Sep 2019 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) and Thursday, 19 Sep 2019 (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

Insitute of Technology Sligo, building A, room A2007, Sligo, Ireland

The meeting, hosted by IT Sligo, was focused mainly on Pilot discussions. This meeting satisfies Deliverable D.T2.1.5 "General 3-day Pilots Workshop. Relative report drafted by the project manager".

2nd Project Partner Meeting Agenda (main topics):

  1. Electrical engineering design: how the houses must be wired to be suitable for running the RED WoLF system.
  2. Networking Design: How the SSD (smart storage driver), the controller running the algorithm, will reach devices and drive them.
  3. Basal mathematical Algorithm: the basic mathematical and physical description of system operations.
  4. Communication with Pilots' tenants.
  5. Updates from all the 6 Pilots in the Project about local Progresses.

The other topics discussed can be found in the included Meeting Agenda. Individual talks, pictures and other information is available on the RED WoLF shared Drive and can be produced upon request. Some information is public and available on the RED WoLF website.


  1. Giuseppe Colantuono, Leeds Beckett University
  2. Ah Lian Kor, Leeds Beckett University
  3. Andrew Hunt, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
  4. Ben Hill, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
  5. Laura Jörg, ARGE SOLAR
  6. Siegbert Schellenbach, ARGE SOLAR
  7. Stevie Donnelly, Institute of Technology Sligo
  8. Mel Gavin, Institute of Technology Sligo
  9. Paul McNama, Institute of Technology Sligo
  10. Sylvain Kubler, University of Lorraine
  11. Simon Gutteridge, Wakefield and District Housing Limited
  12. Paul Jacobs, VOLTA
  13. Geert Verhoeven, VOLTA
  14. Brian Cassidy, Cork City Council
  15. José Ospina, Carbery Housing Association
  16. Ana Ospina, Carbery Housing Association
  17. Rita McGarvey, Southern Regional Assembly, Interreg NWE National Contact Point
  18. Gerry Bradley, Interreg NWE Contact Point
  19. Simon Moss, Sensing Vision
  20. Xavier Dubuisson, XD Sustainable Energy Consulting

Further information is provided in the documents below.

Announcement of 3rd RED WoLF Project Meeting, Saarbrücken/ Germany, 29-30 January 2020

Announcement 3rd RED WoLF Project Meeting