Report of RED WoLF Project Kick-Off Meeting

RED WoLF Project Kick-Off Meeting

Wednesday, May 15th 2019 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) and Thursday, May 16th 2019 (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

Leeds Beckett University, Rose Bowl building, room RB355, Leeds, United Kingdom

Facilitating interaction among project partners to plan project activities, communication strategy and dissemination

Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda:

  1. interactive stakeholder analysis and expedient communication activities
  2. introduction and local characteristics of the six pilots in UK, IE, FR
  3. smart storage driver and its algorithm
  4. building standards
  5. student involvement
  6. strategies for the long-term merging the long-term work package and communications
  7. appointing the steering committee
  8. others


  1. Giuseppe Colantuono, Leeds Beckett University
  2. Ah Lian Kor, Leeds Beckett University
  3. Janet Mulcrone, Leeds Beckett University
  4. Andrew Hunt, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
  5. Dave Catherall, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
  6. Jamie Smith, First Choice Homes Oldham
  7. Laura Jörg, ARGE SOLAR
  8. Stevie Donnelly, Institute of Technology Sligo
  9. Eric Rondeau, University of Lorraine
  10. Jean-Philippe Georges, University of Lorraine
  11. Simon Gutteridge, Wakefield and District Housing Limited
  12. Mihai Radulescu, Electricité de France
  13. Martin Stroleny, Electricité de France
  14. Paul Jacobs, VOLTA
  15. Geert Verhoeven, VOLTA
  16. Charlotte Bonner, National Union of Students
  17. Aymeric Bugnot, Néolia
  18. Brian Cassidy, Cork City Council
  19. Inge Keymeulen, Interreg NWE
  20. Alexandre le Goff, Campus de l'Espace

Further information is provided in the documents below.

Announcement of 2nd RED WOLF Project Meeting, Sligo/ Ireland, Sep 18th-19th 2019

Annoucement of 2nd RED WoLF Project Meeting

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