Controllers for Oldham Council Pilots finalized

Conor Byrne from Irish RED WoLF partner GLAS Energy Technology flew from Dublln to Manchester on Monday August 7. Conor visited the premises of TeDS Electrical, where he programmed the PLCs for the 19 Pilot houses of project partner Oldham Council.


The Control boxes are now being fitted in the Pilot houses to enable  communication with the RED WoLF cloud server. In turn, this connection will regulate electricity intake in the houses according to the RED WoLF algorithm and the selected objective function: currently, CO2 intensity; soon, a suitable dynamic tariff to reduce tenants' bills.


Lead partner Giuseppe Colantuono and research scientist Aleksandr Zaitcev also attended TeDS' premises.


All the 7 RED WoLF Pilots across North-West Europe (Ireland, UK, France and Luxembourg) are now endowed with a working controller and can implement the RED WoLF load-shifting strategy. This opens a range of opportunities on both the scientific and commercial side.

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