3rd RegEnergy Project Meeting

Arnhem & Doetinchem, Netherlands

29 October 2019 - 30 May 2019


Barriers of Renewable Energy Partnerships

On 29 and 30 November the Dutch partner Waterstromen invited the RegEnergy project team to Arnhem and Doetinchem.

After a warm welcome by Martine Klaver the 19 project partners brought themselves up to date and discussed their results and the barriers that had arisen. In focus groups the project partners discussed the possibility to develop a brand value for RE gas and thus attract environmentally conscious customers. The French legislation which prohibits the use of the same energy supplier for more than 4 years was analyzed and ways to build up long-term partnerships were found. Last but not least issues related to peer to peer trading (P2P) were examined, especially the economic barriers of the P2P-tarification.

The highlight of the biogas investment session was Mijnke Van Kleef’s (Province of Gelderland) intriguing presentation on the province's regional energy strategy. Barriers for biogas projects such as the negative impact of energy tariff structures were discussed and formed an optimal preparation for the visit of the Waterstromen and Waterschap Rijn Ijssel wastewater treatment plant and the paper mill situated in the center of Doetinchem. On site, Martine Klaver explained Waterstromen’s plan to establish a highly efficient wastewater - biogas cycle: The wastewater from the paper mill is to be used in the wastewater treatment plant to generate biogas, which in turn can be reused for the paper production. The two 5 km long pipelines required for this will be built as part of the RegEnergy project. A third biogas pipeline will be built to allow feed-in into the national grid.

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