Procuring Green Electricity

Online seminar

16 September 2020

There are many ways to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy technologies, or other sources which produce low levels of carbon emissions. There are pros and cons associated with each option and it is questionable whether some provide any additionality. When purchasing “green” electricity, organisations need to understand what they are buying, the likely impact of their purchase and the potential reaction of their stakeholders to any public announcements they make in relation to the associated emissions.

This session compared the various green electricity offers, highlighting their benefits and the issues around which buyers should be made aware. It also explored the use of Contracts for Difference arrangements to support new renewable energy projects, along with a discussion of procurement arrangements.

Dr John Green is a Low Carbon City Officer at Plymouth City Council in the UK, one of the RegEnergy partners. He was a Director of Green Electricity Marketplace for over 10 years, providing advice on green electricity options.

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