RegEnergy Kick-Off Meeting


5 February 2019 - 6 February 2019


Bringing everyone together

The first meeting in Brussels concentrated on getting to know each other. Thus, the partners presented their activities and investments to each other in great detail. Moreover, they addressed the question of how EE partnerships can best be established, which, in turn, requires a deep analysis of potential barriers: What social, institutional, infrastructural or economic obstacles are there if the demand for renewable energy in an urban context is to be met by rural production? In the course of the meeting, it was possible to create a first basis for a detailed analysis report on the obstacles to partnerships. It was also possible to develop a broad direction for guidelines for the development of EE partnerships in general terms. At the Waterford meeting, the partners will continue to work intensively on these issues.

The highlight of the meeting was the site visit to the University Hospital of Brussels where the hosting partner Flux50 aims to couple this high demanding urban consumer with the supply from intermittent RE generation sources in the province of Vlaams-Brabant with the help of an energy storage system

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