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5 October 2021

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In this second episode of the RegEnery Talks, Geoffrey Orlando (Planair, Switzerland) and Sean Lyons (Walton Institute of Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland) first provide necessary background about the regulatory and political environment of their respective countries before sharing their experience about the technological solutions they are developing for two energy parks.

At Y-Park in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland), Planair is studying the effects of the joint development of photovoltaic and electro-mobility in a micro-grid. Geoffrey Orlando speaks about the impact of electric mobility and Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) on the energy balance of a micro-grid in a real life scenario before presenting potential business models for the value created based on different scenarios in order to take advantage of battery electric vehicle flexibility.

The Walton Institute of Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) is developing a software platform which facilitates the development of a Renewable Energy Community and its integration in 2 trial sites. Sean Lyons gives further information about mechanisms such as Peer to Peer Energy Trading, Storage Technologies, Renewable Energy Generation and Market Integration, which enable communities to take control of their energy profiles and engage with the market as prosumers. He also discusses economic model scenarios based on potential mechanisms that may be employed on the transposition of the EU Directives.


Geoffrey Orlando

Geoffrey is microgrid and electromobility project manager at the engineers consulting company Planair in Swiss. He develops several innovative projects at local, national and European scales in the field of decentralized energy systems and charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. Previously, Geoffrey worked in R&D for a French DSO at Singapore and developed a microgrid demonstrator project in an island.

Sean Lyons

Sean is a Technical Lead for the Walton Institute of Waterford Institute of Technology. He drives the Energy groups focus into the challenges of moving from the old centralised electricity system to the smart grid with distributed and renewable energy sources. His work focuses on solutions and technology for the smart grid to facilitate the paradigm shift that is required to transform the current unidirectional system to an intelligent network where supply and demand are balanced with distributed and renewable sources of energy using aggregation and flexibility.




RegEnergy organises this event as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021.

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