A tool to optimize organic fertilisation

This very ergonomic and intuitive tool will enable the users to obtain a quantified equivalence in N, P2O5, K2O and MgO of organic products inputs, depending on the types of RDFs, their concentration in mineral elements, the crop and the period of application. The purpose is to estimate whether the planned organic input is sufficient, excessive or deficient.

The use of the calculator is very simple. The user only has to enter the crop species and implementation date, the type of RDF to be spread, the nutrient content if known, the application method and the planned dose. Automatically, a balance sheet will be generated for each nutrient and advice will be given on how to optimise each one.

The tool is currently being improved with the incorporation of new types of RDFs, an optimized interface and a finer personalisation of the calculations and advice. During the last months of the project, it will be translated by the different partners in order to be later used in their countries.

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