Ash from sewage sludge

After Soil-Concept produced the ash from pure sewage sludge last year, it will now be tested in a field trial. Already last year, tests were carried out in small trials.

Furthermore Soil-Concept participated in the partner meeting of ReNu2Farm (organized by the project partner Arvalis) in France. One of the topics was how ash from sewage sludge can no longer be considered a waste product in the future. In general, ash was seen and recommended by the project partners as an admixture in fertilizer production, as the properties of ash can contribute to an improvement of the final product. Ash alone has too low a nutrient content to be used alone as a fertilizer.

The findings from Outotec's experiments with Soil-Concept's compost helped to break new ground and leave ash production as a model for success after all. At the moment, Soil-Concept is eagerly awaiting the results of the field trials and hopes for a future business model in which Soil-Concept is a supplier to the fertilizer industry. If it turns out that the ash produces good results, it is possible that the ash can be used as an admixture for fertilizer production.

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