"Fertilisation with organic products or RDFs", a new decision support tool

Arvalis proposes a new decision support tool (DST), accessible and free on the Internet, to calculate in a few clicks the fertilizing effect of organic or biobased products, such as livestock effluents or recycling-derived fertilisers. It is available in 4 languages : French, German, English and Flemish. 

Designed for farmers, this decision support tool makes it possible to simply estimate the N, P, K and Mg composition of fertilizers from residual origin. Depending on the type of crop, the supply period and the supply method, the tool indicates if the spread is recommended, possible or not recommended from an agronomic point of view.

The tool indicates for each element if the expected fertilization plan is insufficient, in balance or in excess in regard to the estimated theoretical needs. It also makes it possible to calculate any additional doses to be supplied depending on the type of product. A dynamic diagram locates the nitrogen fertilizing value and the organic improvement value of the expected input compared to the reference fertilizers.

98 organic or bio-based products are now available in the tool. The database includes as well livestock effluents as recycling-derived fertilizers (composts, urban effluents, industrial effluents, digestates, etc.).


Find out how to use this tool thanks to the tutorial proposed by Arvalis.


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