ReNuMaps tool and full report now available online – insights in recycling-derived fertiliser demand

ReNu2Farm aims to increase recycling rates of the main plant nutrients, N, P and K, by focusing on the demand of farmers. A study carried out within ReNu2Farm in 2019 under the lead of researchers from NMI (NL) and CIT Cork (IRE) is now published online and in full length. The work was previously presented at several meetings and conferences (e.g. ManuResource 2019 and recently at the International Fertiliser Society Webinar) where it received great interest from stakeholders, in particular policy makers and producers of recycling-derived fertilisers.

Insights in potential demand for recycling-derived nutrients

The report gives insight in crop nutrient demand, current use of organic fertilisers and estimates the potential demand for recycling-derived nutrients. For this, the crop farming context for regions of Northwest Europe was analysed by taking into consideration the crops being cultivated, the soil type and nutrient status in terms of P and K, as well as fertiliser recommendations and limitations. The results give advice to recycling-derived fertiliser producers on the market potential at regional level. If the fertiliser composition gets adapted to regional and crop specific needs, the chances that the product is more attractive for farmers are increased.

Easy access via online interactive map

Besides the report, the insightful data characterizing nutrient demand at regional level for the entire Northwest Europe territory, has been fed into an online interactive map tool. You want to know how much recycling-derived phosphate is likely to be demanded in the region of Picardie in France (or another region)? Check ReNuMaps here!

The report can be accessed here.

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