Soil-Concept starts exchange with other Luxembourg Interreg projects

In order to obtain the highest possible exchange between different Interreg projects, Soil-Concept contacted different project partners from the agricultural sector in Luxembourg, who are or have been active in Interreg or Horizon projects. It should be an exchange between the projects and the possibility to have common goals and projects for development.

A meeting was held with a project partner of the Interreg NWE project Dairyman. Two employees of the Lycée Technique Agricole, came to visit Soil-Concept to hear about the gasification plant and Renu2Farm. From past projects, the two told us that they are in a lively exchange with farmers and that there might be opportunities in the future to introduce Soil-Concept's fertilizer to farmers. Both are mainly researching in the field of milk production.

A recycled phosphorus fertilizer is only interesting for the farms without animal fattening, because here no phosphorus-rich manure starts and is fertilized with superphosphate. Basically, a discussion with the farmers must take place here for a high practical exchange and confidence building. Because in the end the recycled fertilizer must cost less than the conventional fertilizer.

In 2020, therefore, an attempt is to be made to plan a joint workshop in which various groups of people from the farming community will be informed that recycled fertiliser is available. Soil-Concept will continue to exchange information with other partners.

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