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Promo video about your success story  


We can develop 5 promotional videos about success stories with project resources. These success stories are companies that use innovative technologies to recover nutrients (N, P, K...), whether or not from animal manure, into recycled fertilizers. Maybe one of those promotional videos will put your success story in the spotlight!  

You and your company can make full use of this video afterwards. We will also share your video afterwards as a success story at various symposia, presentations, networks ... within the field of nutrient recovery. On those occasions we expect producers, traders, farmers...

Information that we would like to describe, in consultation with you, in our promotional videos, is:

  • the starting material
  • which nutrients you recover
  • the region (at project level) in which your company is located.  


Interested? Apply for it!  

Does your company recover nutrients into recycling-derived fertilizers and would you like to have a free promotional video?  


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More info  

If you have any questions about this or for more information about nutrient recovery and recycling-derived fertilizers in general, please contact us:

  • Inès Verleden: E ines.verleden@inagro.be or T +32 (0)51 27 33 84
  • Sander Vandendriessche: E sander.vandendriessche@inagro.be or T +32 (0)51 14 03 29.  


Our ReNu2Farm project and the role of promotional videos in it  


This Interreg NWE project aims to increase the recovery of the nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Until now, farmers have mainly used unprocessed, animal manure and fertilizer. For P fertilizer, the European Union (EU) depends heavily on imports. Moreover, the production of N fertilizer requires a lot of energy. Paradoxically, in Northwest Europe (NWE) there are several regions with a surplus of nutrients.  


However, techniques for nutrient recovery and production of recycling-derived fertilisers already exist, but so far they have hardly been used by farmers. Within this project we would like to make professional promotional videos of companies that already produce fertilizer from recovered nutrients. These companies will then act as success stories. These promotional videos show other producers, fertilizer traders, farmers ... the benefits of and possible opportunities for recovered fertilizers. In this way, the researchers want to achieve the goal of increasing their use.

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